Fee Structure

Below you will find links to our fee structure for equipment and labor. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies if you have not worked with us in the past.

Fee Documents

Fee Categories: Classroom Technology and Events has three levels of fees categories, based on ones’ level of association with the university. These three categories are explained here.

Labor Fees: The labor rates page, describes the cost per hour for labor based on the Fee Category and type of laborer.

Equipment Fees: The rental list page, lists the equipment that can be rented, and provides a daily rate price code.


Delivery and/or pick up of equipment for regularly-scheduled, credit-generating UW classes (excluding self-sustaining programs) is supported on a fee-waived basis, using the following guidelines:

Note: The delivery location will depend on the availability of delivery personnel, security requirements of the equipment, and room availability.
  • CTE will work with departments to ensure deliveries are made prior to the time needed.
  • Small, light-weight pieces of equipment can be delivered to attended offices or the class location.
  • Bulky, large and/or heavy equipment can be delivered to classrooms or attended conference rooms.
  • Deliveries and pick-ups are only available on weekdays, excluding University holidays.
  • Scheduled delivery shall be between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Delivery and/or pick-up charges for CTE equipment for self-sustaining programs/classes, and non-class meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences or other uses will be based upon an hourly labor charge. Please check our labor fees for rates.


CTE charges a fee to cover the additional work involved in these types of requests. CTE does not guarantee that all short-notice requests can be accommodated. The short-notice fee is $25.00 assessed on orders meeting the following criteria:

  • Orders requiring CTE labor made or altered less than one week (5 business days) in advance
  • Will-call equipment orders made or altered less than one (1) business day in advance


The following applies to both charge and no-charge, will-call and delivery orders. A $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged for:

  • Orders involving CTE labor cancelled less than one (1) business day in advance

Late Charges

In addition to the above fees, CTE reserves the right to charge the daily rate for equipment not returned on time.