Directions to I-146

Directions to the Health Sciences office

Campus map of the Health Sciences I-Wing building with directions from Kane
Internal map of the Health Sciences I-Wing

Directions to HSB from Kane Hall

    From the front of Kane Hall:

  • Go south across Red Square and down the stairs between Meany Hall and Gerberding Hall.
  • Continue South on Stevens Way toward the Physics/Astronomy Building.
  • Just South of Kincaid Hall (there is a sign for Kincaid facing Stevens Way) you can see the roof of the Botany Greenhouse. Turn right at the path between these two buildings.
  • Walk straight down the stairway that leads to the Burke-Gilman Trail and cross over the overpass directly ahead.
  • Go down the stairs on the other side of the overpass and turn left. From here you can see the Health Sciences Building. The I-Court Rotunda will be on the right side of the path.
  • Enter the Rotunda through the sliding glass doors and you will see a seating area straight ahead. The office (room I-146) is to the right of the seating area.