Room Specifications

Kane Hall Room Specifications

Please consider the information below as a set of guidelines to help you determine whether or not our facilities can suit your event needs. We recommend that you review this information before you follow a link to an individual room. To inquire about room availability, please contact our office or use our online Room Inquiry form.

Room Availability

As our rooms are used for University classes, there are some restrictions on the times that they are available for rental. The five auditoria are usually unavailable while school is in session, which is traditionally 8:00am to 6:20pm, Mondays through Fridays during the academic year. However, the Walker-Ames room is available the entire day on most days. General availability of the auditoria is as follows:

Fall, Winter, & Spring Quarters: After 6:20pm; Monday through Friday
All day; Saturday through Sunday
Summer Quarter & Interim: All day; Monday through Sunday

Important Notes

  • Smoking: In accordance with University policy, smoking is not allowed in the building. For a list of designated smoking areas on campus please click here.

  • Ticketing: Event Services is not a ticketing outlet. We will, however, provide referrals to callers inquiring about your event. When you use our facility to host your event, please provide our office with your ticketing and publicity information.

  • Food & Beverages: If you would like to serve food and/or beverages at your event, we would recommend that you rent the Walker-Ames room for this service. In general, we do not allow food and/or beverage service in any of the auditoria. Please see the Reservation Confirmation Addendum or call our office for more information.


  • An Event Assistant is required for rental of all rooms except Room 234.

  • All of our rooms are wheelchair accessible. If your event requires special accommodation, please contact the Disability Services Office at 206.543.6450 or