Room Type: Auditorium
Capacity: 165
Seating: Fixed seating. Seats with tablet arms in tiered rows
Facilities/Fixtures: Single screen, whiteboard
Electrical Outlets: Grounded outlets available along the perimeter walls
Lighting: Fluorescent lighting
Air Conditioning: Cold-water-cooled ventilation
Wi-Fi: Yes (UW NetID required)
Media Equipment: Installed equipment includes podium with fixed gooseneck microphone, (1) lapel wireless microphone, desktop computer, video/data projector, VHS VCR player, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, and document camera. Additional equipment is available upon request. There is a charge for all equipment used.
Labor: Labor may be required for events which require access to the equipment booth, take place on a weekend, and are considered large scale and/or difficult.


As our rooms are used for University classes, there are some restrictions on the times that they are available for rental. The rooms in Mary Gates Hall are usually unavailable while school is in session, which is traditionally 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday during the academic year. Please contact our office for exact availability.

Requesting Use of University Facilities

University departments, Registered Student Organizations (RSO's), and faculty/staff may make a reservation without a Request for Use of University Facilities form if the event is only attended by University members.

Events which are open to the public, ticketed, or held by or in conjunction with an off-campus organization are required to submit a Request for Use of University Facilities form. This form requires approval from all of the following: a University department Dean, Director, or Chair, the facilities manager of Event Services, as well as the Use of University Facilities Committee. It is important to know that this form takes a minimum of three weeks to process and that advertising is prohibited until the form has been approved by the Use of University Facilities Committee. To complete the form online, please click here.

The purpose of the RUUF is to ensure that all facilities operated by the University are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to, instruction, research, public assembly, student activities and recreational activities related to educational use. Further, each facility may be used for a variety of activities, so long as the primary function the facility was intended to serve is protected.

Other Information

Food, smoking, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Room 389. If you are advertising programs to the public, please note that we are NOT a ticket outlet. Please indicate any ticketing and event contact information, with telephone numbers, on your advertising and promotional materials. Our office would appreciate a copy of any advertising material used for the program for our own reference.