STF Orientation and Policies - Kane Hall

Student Equipment Policies

Updated: 28 October 2013

UW Information Technology (UW-IT), Classroom Technology and Events (CTE) , and Health Sciences Academic Services and Facilities (HSAS&F) in conjunction with the Student Technology Fee Committee (STF) and the Services and Activities Fee Committee (S&AF), are pleased to announce the availability of technological equipment for free loan to students. The policies printed below detail how students may request and use the equipment.

We look forward to serving our fellow student customers by providing this service in support of their academic and technological needs on the campus.

The policies and use durations are as follows:


Only students registered for the current quarter at the UW Seattle campus and pay the STF and SAF fees (which are normally included in tuition and can be found on your tuition statement) are allowed to check out STF equipment. UW Bothell and Tacoma students may not use this program. Breaks in between quarters do not count as the current quarter- only students actually taking classes during the interim between Summer B term and Autumn quarter may get equipment. Any reservations placed will not be released to students without their UW ID, and a current photo ID card, e.g. a driver's license. The secondary form of photo ID must be issued from a recognized governmental agency (e.g. the Department of Licensing, State Department, etc.). Requests for exceptions to the registration policy must be directed to Patrick Roberts, Associate Director Classroom Technology and Events at, or to our email

Reservations may not be made under a club or association's UWNetID- students must book equipment under their own UWNetID and name in order for us to track who has accepted responsibility for the equipment, and to prevent students from having more than one item of each type of equipment. This allows all students to have equal access to equipment.

During summer quarter we check out to students that are enrolled for full term, A term and B term.


STF equipment may be checked out for official University work days, with some being two, seven, fourteen, or thirty-one business day checkouts. The manner in which "seven days" is defined is the following: If a student picks up the equipment on Monday, it is due back by 4:00 P.M. on the following Wednesday. In other words, the student has effective use of the equipment for seven full University work days following the day that the equipment is checked out, if it is a "Seven day" reservation. "fourteen days" is defined as the following: If a student picks up the equipment on Monday, it is due back by 4:00 P.M. three fridays later. Weekends and holidays do not count as University work days. We also have same-day checkouts available for a reservation length of two business days and a limited number of items for thirty-one days.

Email for summer extensions, exceptions, and during interim for bookings.


Although students are not allowed to renew equipment, if you would like to reserve the equipment again as soon as possible, you can return your current equipment before noon on the day that it is due. If the equipment is available and not fully booked and you make a reservation before noon you will be able to pick up the equipment the next day. You will receive the equipment the following business day. You CANNOT get the exact same piece of equipment. (i.e. you will receive a different numbered laptop than the one you had before, so you will still need to back up any important information).


Equipment that is returned late will incur the following penalties:

  • If not returned by the due date, the student will not be allowed to check-out equipment on a sliding scale, based on the date of return:
    • After 4:00 P.M. on the due date- two week restriction
    • One day after the due date- one month restriction
    • Two days after the due date- two month restriction
    • Three days after the due date- three month restriction
    • For each additional day late- one more month of restriction

  • Penalties Beyond Restrictions:

  • If not returned within three working days of the due date, an administrative hold will be placed on the student's registration.

  • If not returned within five working days of the due date, the equipment will be reported to the UWPD as misappropriated and in need of recovery.

If you have a late return at one office, you will be restricted at both offices. There are no exceptions to this policy. A restriction is defined as being banned from our program for the full length of the restriction as defined above.

Note: All equipment due back on the last day of the quarter is due back before 1pm. Equipment returned after 1pm on the last day of the quarter will have 2 week restriction. Failure to return equipment before a break between quarters (except when granted permission by a program coordinator) will be considered an extreme circumstance. The student will be restricted from reserving equipment for the following quarter.


Requests for use of equipment will be accepted via the online reservation form only and must be placed by 12:00pm (noon) the business day prior to the desired pickup date. Equipment will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis based on the time the request was placed. Requests for use of equipment will be accepted a maximum of two months before the desired pick-up date. (i.e. requests for November 10th will not be accepted before September 10th.)


If you are planning on taking our equipment out of the country, you will need to contact us at least a week in advance of pick-up in order for us to obtain a Customs letter for you. If you do not do so and are charged a duty at the border, we will not reimburse you for that charge. It is your responsibility to alert us well in advance (one week) in order to obtain the letter. You must also make sure you understand UW Insurance Policy before bringing equipment out of the country. You may be responsible with fees associated to adding STF equipment to UW's foreign insurance.


Equipment must be picked up on the scheduled day or the reservation will be canceled, meaning the student needs to retrieve the equipment before 4:55 pm. Students who fail to pick-up reserved equipment AND fail to cancel the reservation on two occasions will not be allowed to reserve equipment for the remainder of the quarter. Equipment will only be available for pickup at the location specified upon reservation. In other words, reservations made for Kane Hall equipment cannot be picked up or returned to the Health Sciences office and vice versa.

Note: We do NOT allow friends to pickup or return equipment on behalf of the original borrower, unless it has been approved by STF staff. This needs to be done before the equipment is being picked-up or returned.


Equipment must be returned before 4pm on the day it is due in a condition comparable to the condition it was in when checked out to the student. For example, we will NOT accept equipment in bags that are excessively dirty. It is the student's responsibility to clean a bag if it was soiled during his/her checkout. A small amount of dirt is understandable, but equipment will not be checked in unless it is in suitable condition.

If equipment is broken during the checkout or all of the items and/or accessories are not returned, the student will be held responsible for the replacement or repair of the equipment, as well as any associated costs. Please let the staff know immediately of any problems and we will give you directions on how to resolve any issues. Also, if the equipment is harmed due to weather the user will be held accountable for the damage and the cost of the repair or replacement. Additionally, STF reserves the right to inspect the equipment up to 3 business days after its return, and to charge the student/user for cleaning, replacement of missing parts, or damage found at that time. This means that if damage is not found during the check in process (e.g. the CD drive does not work) we have the right to charge for damage that is found after being checked in for up to three days.

If a friend returns the equipment it will not be considered 'checked-in' until the original borrower signs in the equipment. If three days have passed and the equipment has not been signed in, the original borrower will have a 9 month restriction.


If equipment is needed for longer than the 'normal' checkout length requests for longer bookings can be emailed to They will be evaluated for our availability of equipment and the need for the extension (ie. study abroad, research or academic project).

Since our office runs on University of Washington quarter system we have blackout periods when school is not in session (ie. interim, winter break and spring break). If equipment is needed during this time requests for exceptions can be sent to for evaluation.

We are a University run program meaning we are open the same days as the University of Washington Seattle campus. If the campus is closed for a snow day or another emergency our office will be closed as well. For these instances equipment due on that day will not be counted as late. If the University has a closure, that day will not be counted as a late day. Lastly, any equipment that is to be picked up on closed days will have the pick up date moved to the next business day that is not closed. However, the due back date will not be changed (often times the equipment is reserved for another student in back-to-back bookings.) If you have any questions please email us at


Reservations for subsequent uses by the student will be accepted only after the first use has concluded/signed in.


The main requirement for a student to check out equipment is to have a current student ID card and an additional form of picture identification (i.e. Driver's License or passport).

STF will make a copy of both forms of identification and prior to the release of the equipment. These copies are kept internally and are only to ensure that we have adequate information in case equipment is lost or not returned in a timely manner. We will never release your information to anyone else, nor will we use your address for any reason other than contacting you regarding your reservation.


Mini DV cameras are precise instruments that adjust their tape guides to the type (or brand) of tape used to optimize the quality of recording. As a result we have chosen to use only ONE type of tape in our camcorders. These tapes, 63 min Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ, are available for sale from Classroom Support Services for $8 including tax and I.O.C. If you chose not to purchase tapes from CTE we REQUIRE that you purchase this same type of tape on your own. Any damage caused by the use of tapes other than those available from CTE will be the responsibility of the student. Thank you for your cooperation.


Students who check out STF equipment do not have to specify the purpose for which they want the equipment. Students may check out STF equipment for any legitimate purpose and may remove this equipment from the University of Washington campus. In the event of loss or damage of equipment, students will be required to provide information to the STF staff regarding the location and circumstances of the loss or damage. Students assume responsibility for reimbursing the STF office for the cost not covered by insurance for replacing or repairing equipment lost or damaged while in their custody.

All data, software, profiles, passphrases, or other information stored on the laptops or hard drives will be erased in the re-imaging process upon their return to STF. The STF Equipment Loan Program is not responsible for any data and/or software left on a laptop by a student.


Due to popular demand, we have instituted a new check-out option for emergencies at our Health Sciences branch. A small number of Hp 6460b laptops, 2011 Macbooks, Hitachi projectors, PowerPoint remotes, Anchor Mini PA systems, Canon Vixia, Azden Wireless Microphone System, Olympus Voice Recorders, Canon Powershot SX20s, Seagate External HD, tripods, and DaLite screens will be available at a first-come, first-serve same day basis. To prevent non-essential checkouts, students are allowed to make a same-day booking two times per quarter. To make a same-day reservation, students must visit the Health Sciences office in person, rather than emailing, calling, or using the regular online system. The equipment will be due by 4pm two business days later. Please note: if the equipment is returned late, the student will automatically incur a three-month penalty. In order to check out, you MUST bring your student ID and an additional form of identification.

Important! You may NOT have two reservations for the same type of equipment concurrently (i.e. two laptops). If you make a same day reservation, you will have to cancel any pre-existing bookings, then remake them via the normal online process. You also cannot return a same day booking and immediately make another same-day booking.


Students are required to follow the student code of conduct while using our program. If it becomes known to us that a student breaks the code of conduct they will be restricted from our program. This includes but is not restricted to fraud and deception towards our employees. Please refer to these sites for questions about the student code of conduct:

University of Washington Student Conduct and the Washington State Legislature Standards of Conduct