VC Service


Classroom Technology & Events, in partnership with the Student Equipment Loan Program, offers a videoconferencing service to meet and collaborate with colleagues across campus or around the world. Instead of traveling to a meeting, lecture, or presentation, you can now attend by videoconference.

Videoconferencing equipment connects the University of Washington with other universities and internet cafes around the globe. Video conferencing can revolutionize education, whether you wish to interview students in tsunami-affected countries, chat with colleagues in Cairo, or design a course jointly with students from Red states or foreign universities. The UW community has the world at its fingertips, and it's free of charge for academic use by faculty and students. For non-academic use of the videoconferencing system please contact CTE for the fee schedule.

The videoconferencing equipment is located in the basement of Kane Hall, and can be reserved by contacting CTE Videoconferences. However, before making reservations, please review the following guidelines for use.


The Polycom Model HDX 9000 high definition videoconferencing system is a Boardroom class unit, with two 50" plasma screens, document camera, full room microphone system and a High Definition camera for improved video images. Although the equipment is not portable, the room can accommodate a maximum of 25 people, all of whom can clearly watch, listen and speak during the conference. Please email CTE Videoconferences if you have technical questions about connectivity.

CTE has a limited number of Apple iPad2 tablets available to loan that have a videoconferencing applet for connecting to H.323 compatible videoconferencing systems worldwide. These iPads are useful for extended checkout periods for students studying abroad. Please email CTE Videoconferences if you need more information, or to reserve of these iPads.

Use this URL to plan meetings World Clock Meeting Planner.


A CTE Consultant is available to assist you with videoconferencing, including help with technical coordination of the far-end site, material preparation, and operation of equipment. CTE will provide an initial demonstration of the capabilities of the videoconferencing equipment and answer your technical questions. For general questions regarding videoconferencing please contact CTE Videoconferences.


Availability: Reservations of this facility are made on a first come, first served basis. Please make your reservation request as early as possible.

Making a Reservation: Reservations can be made by emailing CTE Videoconferences with as much time before your event as possible with the following information:

  1. The desired local DATE, TIME and DURATION of the videoconference.
  2. Information about the party you are connecting to: name, email, phone, location, and agency/affiliation.
  3. The name, email and phone number of the videoconference technicians at the other end.
  4. The IP address of the party you are connecting to.
  5. We will need to conduct a connectivity test prior to your conference (firewall and equipment problems can be solved at this time, ensuring a smooth event).
  6. The projected local attendance of the videoconference.
  7. Will a computer be used to send a presentation to the facility at the other end? If yes, the computer should be at the connectivity test.

Things to Do Before the Day of Use: The following should be done before the day of use to ensure a smooth and successful conference:

  1. If there is to be a computer presentation, we recommend sending a copy of the presentation to the far side participants just in case there is a problem. This will allow them to follow along on their own computers.
  2. Arrange for a contingency plan in case of connectivity issues (i.e. if the connection fails will you contact the other end via AIM, email or a phone call).

On the Day of Use:

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before the conference is scheduled to begin in order to initiate the connection, and work out any last minute technical or furniture issues.
  2. Please remind the audience that no food or drink is allowed, and that the microphone will pick up all conversations in the room. Even quiet chatting can disrupt a lecturer’s presentation.

Use Restrictions

The videoconferencing equipment is not available for obscene or commercial uses. CTE, STF and the University of Washington are not liable for the transmission of obscene, commercial or copyrighted material. Violation of this policy will result in the permanent loss of access to the equipment for all attendees of the conference.


If you have any questions about the equipment, its capabilities or possible uses, please feel free to email Classroom Technology and Events.