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1203GREAT THAW, THEGREAT THAW, THE1970color50 min16mm (Civilisation series, Part 2) The emergence of Medieval Europe in the twelfth century, with the flowering of the Romanesque style, the founding of universities, the spread of monasticism; an age of pilgrimages--to the Holy Land, to Rome and Santiago de Compostela--and of the building of great churches; of the new view of man of Peter Abelard and the synthesis of Classic and Christian heritages in the great vision of St. Thomas Aquinas. It was a period which saw, under the inspiration of the Abbot Suger, the creation of the Gothic style at the ancient Royal Abbey of St. Denis and its' flowering at Chartres.
[ Note: this title is now available on video--look for it under the title Civilisation, Programs 1-3 ]