Great Thaw, The

  • 1970 ----- color ----- 50 min ----- 16mm///
  • (Civilisation series, Part 2) The emergence of Medieval Europe in the twelfth century, with the flowering of the Romanesque style, the founding of universities, the spread of monasticism; an age of pilgrimages--to the Holy Land, to Rome and Santiago de Compostela--and of the building of great churches; of the new view of man of Peter Abelard and the synthesis of Classic and Christian heritages in the great vision of St. Thomas Aquinas. It was a period which saw, under the inspiration of the Abbot Suger, the creation of the Gothic style at the ancient Royal Abbey of St. Denis and its' flowering at Chartres.
    [ Note: this title is now available on video--look for it under the title Civilisation, Programs 1-3 ]
  • Topics: (Architecture, Art: History, Religions: Christian)