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1922MOTHER (MAT)MOTHER (MAT) (SILENT)1926b & w96 min (Directed by V. I. Pudovkin; with Vera Baranovskaya and Nikolai Batalov) Based on actual incidents of the 1905 Russian Revolution as well as Gorky's novel of the same name, this film dramatizes its revolutionary theme through the interrelations of individuals. His three protagonists, all members of the same family, personify in a very poignant way the forces in Russia in 1905. The father is a drunk, a reactionary and a strike-breaker; the mother is patient and long-suffering; the son, Pavel, symbolizes the new Communist youth. Considered by many film critics to be among the finest works in the history of the cinema. (English titles) (NOTE: Film should be projected at silent speed, ie. 18 frames/second.) (withdrawn)