Reefer Madness

  • 1936 ----- b & w ----- 67 min ----- dvd///
  • Presents in hard-hitting documentary style the TRUE story of the serious consequences of addiction to MARIHUANA! See innocent young people getting hooked on MARIHUANA! Wild parties! See MARIHUANA! leading them into sudden uncontrollable laughter, then (SHOCK!) hallucinations, emotional disturbances and even acts of shocking violence! See addicts who always exhale, but never inhale! See the murder of an innocent young girl at a REEFER! party! See the pitiful courtroom appearance of an addict made insane by smoking MARIHUANA! ". . . yet another wasted life, victimized by the most dreaded plague since Moses left Egypt: Reefer Madness.''--Kenneth Turna, The Washington Post.
  • Topics: (Adolescence, Drug Abuse, Motion Pictures: Features)