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2596SIEGFRIEDSIEGFRIED1923b & w98 min16mm (Directed by Fritz Lang; with Paul Richter, Margarete Schon and Hanna Ralph) Having defeated several monsters, Siegfried becomes invincible by bathing in the blood of the dragon, Fafner, whom he has just slain. Before marrying Kriemhild, the Burgundian princess, he conquers the warrior queen Brunhild for his brother Gunther, the king. Ultimately, the traitor Hagen manipulates the king's envy of his brother's power, and Gunther allows Siegfried to be killed. What Richard Wagner brought to the stage as epic folklore, Lang presents on the screen as romantic epic calling upon all of the forces of the German cinema in the Twenties to expand the Nibelungenlied to monumental proportions. (English titles, musical soundtrack)