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2690STEAMBOAT BILL, JR.STEAMBOAT BILL, JR.1927b & w71 min16mm (Directed by Charles F. Reisner; with Buster Keaton, Ernest Torrance, Marion Byron, Tom Lewis and Tom McGuire) The locale is the Mississippi River of the old side-wheeler days, and the story is a bit of Americana about the bitter rivalry between two riverboat owners. As important to the story is the father/son relations between tough, burly Captain Bill Canfield (Ernest Torrance) and his long-lost son, Willie Canfield (Buster Keaton), who arrives in town outfitted with a wispy mustache and a ukelele. The climax is the cyclone sequence--probably the most incredible physical disaster ever planned for a movie wherein Keaton arranged for a two-ton wall to come falling down on him.