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2919TOL'ABLE DAVIDTOL'ABLE DAVID (SILENT)1921b & w106 min (Directed by Henry King; with Richard Barthelmess, Gladys Hulette, Ernest Torrance) Presents a simple story of mountain people, focusing on the youngest son of the family as he yearns to drive the mail, a position of honor and trust held by his elder brother. Things take a melodramatic (in the best sense of the word) turn when the community is plagued by the arrival of three outlaws. Continually cited (by Pudovkin among others) as being what a fine picture should be, this film remains a moving experience. The director never surpassed the depth of feeling, the gift for repose, the penetration of character and the brilliant editing of this picture. (NOTE: Film should be projected at silent speed, ie. 18 frames/second.) (withdrawn)