Tribe and the Professor (A History of the Ozette Archaeological Dig at Cape Alava, Washington)

  • 1978 ----- color ----- 45 min ----- 16mm///
  • In 1970, when storm waves began uncovering a longhouse buried 500 years before by a mudslide, Professor Richard Daugherty and his students from Washington State University returned to the Ozette Indian Village at Cape Alava to resume archeological investigations begun in 1966. Many scenes illustrate the scientific processes involved in the restoration and preservation of more than 30,000 items found during the excavation. Through the work of the team and the Makah Indians presently living in the area, reconstruction of the Makah's past is presented in a newly established museum. (Revised Edition) (Release of University of Washington Press)
  • Topics: (American Indian Studies, Archaeology, Pacific Northwest)