War Game, The

  • 1966 ----- b & w ----- 48 min ----- 16mm///
  • (Directed by Peter Watkins, The Battle of Culloden) Postulates a day when diplomacy fails, nations are backed into corners and bluffs are called. The grim effects of a nuclear attack on Britain are shown in horrifying detail, based on information supplied by experts in nuclear defense, economics and medicine. The cinema-verite technique--employing man-on-the-street interviews, on-location shooting with amateur actors and a hand-held camera--lends the authentic quality of a newsreel and heightens the film's powerful impact. The indisputable message is that there is no way to "prepare for" nuclear war; there is no choice but "prepare against" it.
  • Topics: (British Isles, Motion Pictures: Documentary, War and Peace)