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4318BECOMING AMERICAN*BECOMING AMERICAN*1982color58 min16mm/vhs Hang Sou, his wife and child, sister-in-law and her five children, a strongly united Hmong tribal family, await resettlement in a refugee camp in northern Thailand. Informed that they will be allowed to emigrate to the U. S., a 12,000 mile odyssey begins. Nothing can prepare them for the shock of stepping into the post-industrial world. Preliterate and wedded to a tradition of the land, the family is literally lost in an automated, specialized culture. Hang Sou and his family face intense cultural shock and prejudice as they gradually adapt to their new Seattle home. These quiet, almost invisible newcomers are making a huge psychological leap as they adjust to urban American values, laws, customs and language. (Restricted to use by institutions of Higher Education in Washington state only)