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4566KING LEAR*KING LEAR*1984color158 minvhs (Directed by Michael Eliott; with Laurence Olivier, John Hurt, Leo McKern, David Threlfall, Robert Lindsay, Anna Calder-Marshall, Dorothy Tutin, Diana Rigg, Colin Blakely, Jeremy Kemp, Robert Lang) The late Sir Laurence Olivier spent a lifetime preparing for this most difficult of roles in this most demanding of Shakespeare's plays. The production makes a taut, compressed and difficult play into a work that reaches out to take modern audiences in its grip on the elemental levels of greed and loyalty, lost and betrayed. It is a violent storm on a grand scale that sweeps the ancient Celt and the modern American, the Elizabethian groundling and the Shakespearean scholar before it, leaving emotions shattered in its wake. (Produced by Granada Television) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)