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4965OFFICIAL STORY, THE* (LA HISTORIA OFICIAL)OFFICIAL STORY, THE* (LA HISTORIA OFICIAL)1985color112 minvhs (Directed by Luis Puenzo; with Norma Aleandro, Hector Alterio, Analia Castro, Chunchuna Villafane) In the mid-70s, Argentina's military dictatorship carried out a brutal campaign of torture and murder against thousands of its own citizens. Follows Alicia, the sheltered wife of a wealthy businessman, who finds herself face to face with a legacy of terror as she begins to discover that her own daughter, adopted at birth, may have been stolen from a family of "los desaparecidos" (the disappeared ones). This is a true account of a woman faced with the hardest choice she could make, to live a lie, or risk tearing apart her own life and family. (In Spanish with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)