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4971AND THE SHIP SAILS ON* (E LA NAVE VA)AND THE SHIP SAILS ON* (E LA NAVE VA)1983color128 minvhs (Directed by Federico Fellini; with Freddie Jones, Barbara Jefford, Victor Poletti, Peter Cellier) In 1914 a group of musical artists embark on an ocean-liner for the burial voyage of a great opera singer. The characters on the voyage are Fellini's usual circus-tent assemblage and the subplots appear and disappear at will. A singer hypnotizes a chicken with his voice; tenors duel above a slumbering rhinoceros; exiled Serbs break into a ritualistic spring dance on the ship's deck. And off on the horizon an Austro-Hungarian warship looms demanding the Serbs return. (In Italian with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)