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4996WHITE SHEIK, THE* (LO SCIECCO BIANCO)WHITE SHEIK, THE* (LO SCIECCO BIANCO)1952b & w86 minvhs (Directed by Federico Fellini; with Brunella Bovo, Leopoldo Trieste, Alberto Sordi, Guilietta Masina) Ivan Cavalli is a bumptious newlywed who brings his wife to Rome on a honeymoon trip, hoping to impress his big city relatives. But his ingenuous bride is infatuated with "The White Sheik," the fumetti hero of a comic book newspaper that tells its serialized stories with photographs rather than drawings. She accompanies the production unit to their oceanside location and becomes stranded. Fellini lampoons the ludicrous airs of self-importance, the impossible ideals and the dependence upon empty illusions that mark the Cavallis as provincial folk. (In Italian with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)