Germany Awake (Deutschland Erwache)

  • 1968 ----- b & w ----- 90 min ----- vhs///
  • Documentary filmmaker Erwin Leiser, a refugee from the Nazi regime, has specialized in examining the rise of Hitler and the period of the Third Reich. In Germany Awake (the ironic title was a popular Nazi rallying cry) his subject is the cinema of the Third Reich, and specifically the dissemination of Nazi propaganda in the feature fiction films of that period. Excerpts include: Dawn, Hans Westmar, Hitler Youth Quex, Bismarck, For Merit, Venus on Trial, Refuges, Homecoming, Victory in the West, Stukas, Crew of the Dora, Request Concert, Jud Suess, I Accuse, U-Boat--Course West, The Higher Order, The Rothschilds, Ohm Kruger, Carl Peters, The Great King, Kolberg, The Great Love. (In German with English subtitles)
  • Topics: (Germanics, Jewish Studies, War and Peace)