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5002JUD SUESS*JUD SUESS*1940b & w90 minvhs (Directed by Veit Harlan; with Ferdinand Marian, Kristian Soederbaum, Heinrich George, Werner Krauss) 18th Century Germany is the setting for this lavish spectacle which became a cornerstone of anti-Jewish propaganda in the Third Reich. It is the fact-based story of Joseph Oppenheimer, finance minister of the German duchy of Wurtemburg in the 1730s, whose ill-conceived policies brought the duchy to near economic ruin and caused an anti-Jewish uprising of the indignant citizenry. The Third Reich version, a drama of court intrigue and romance, presents Nazi stereotypes of Jew and Gentile. Germany's finest artists were mobilized to produce this controversial, gripping epic. (In German with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)