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5109BALLAD OF NARAYAMA, THE (NARAYAMA-BUSHI KO)BALLAD OF NARAYAMA, THE (NARAYAMA-BUSHI KO)1983color129 minvhs (Written and directed by Shohei Imamura, photographed by Masao Tochizama, music by Shinichiro Ikebe; with Ken Ogata, Sumiko Sakamoto) Deep in northern Japan in an isolated, impoverished village, the elderly, upon reaching the age of seventy, are customarily abandoned on a mountain to meet the gods of Narayama. Orin, a matriarch whose time approaches, must make plans to assure the survival of her family. Proving her courage, intelligence and youthful vitality in overcoming adversities, she still willfully insists that her reluctant son take her to Narayama--for her death will be the final insurance the family needs to survive. (In Japanese with English subtitles)