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5259WHITECOMERS, PART 1: THE MAGIC CIRCLE (NEW FRANCE)WHITECOMERS, PART 1: THE MAGIC CIRCLE (NEW FRANCE)1973color57 min16mm (Images of Canada (CBC-TV) series) The Whitecomers, from Europe, full of curosity, capacity and conviction, would explore, expropriate and exploit the raw landscape that was to be known as Canada. Traces the development of French Canada through the three centuries preceding Confederation. Examines the reasons for New France which ranged from furs for Louis to the establishment of the Church Militant and a nation in North America that was French and Catholic. Explores the events leading up to September 13, 1759, the day when the British lost 660 men and the French lost North America. Watches the "circle of civilization" grow and change in the hands of the French, the English, the bankers and industrialists.