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5324LOVES OF A BLONDE* (LALASKY JEDNE PLAVOVLASKY)LOVES OF A BLONDE* (LALASKY JEDNE PLAVOVLASKY)1965color88 minvhs (Directed by Milos Forman; with Hana Brejchova, Vladimir Pucholt) Depicts life in a small factory town not far from Prague, where the women outnumber the men by ten to one. For teenage girls entering womanhood, this imbalance results in an impassioned desire to find out about "real life" and love. A welcome change arrives when a group of army reservists come into town. Andula meets Milda, a young pianist, and passion is immediately kindled. Shortly thereafter, he leaves for his home in Prague and Andula follows, only to learn some bitter truths. (In Czech with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)