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5643CHAMPIONS, PART 3: THE FINAL BATTLECHAMPIONS, PART 3: THE FINAL BATTLE1987color87 min16mm Between 1976 and 1986 Pierre Elliott Trudeau was losing popularity and Rene Levesque was laying the groundwork for Quebec's independence.. Trudeau tried to stir Canadians with repatriation of the Constitution. The provincial premiers united against him. Canadians grew bored with the subject. And Trudeau's wife, Margaret, became fuel for scandal mongers. The Liberals were defeated by Joe Clark's Tories. The Parti Quebecois, on the other hand, rose in power. Trudeau returns to the Liberals and leads them once more to victory. The PQ begins to make mistakes and the final battle, one that sealed their political fates, was waged over the Quebec referendum and the Constitution.