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5972ANGI VERA*ANGI VERA*1979color96 minvhs (Directed by Pal Gabor; with Veronika Papp, Erzsi Pasztor, Eva Szabo, Tamas Dunai, Laszlo Halasz, Laszlo Horvath) The year is 1948, a time of confusion and political re-organization in Eastern Europe. Vera Angi, a naive but earnest young woman, is enrolled in a Party school. She becomes infatuated with her group leader. They sleep together. And then . . . From the subject matter, one might expect a doctrinaire film, but instead one finds a delicate and ambivalent work. With precision and insight, Angi Vera expresses, rather than embodies, the confusion of the era in which it is set. (In Hungarian with English subtitles) (Restricted to use by institutions of Higher Education in Washington state only)