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5985HOLY INNOCENTS, THE (LOS SANTOS INOCENTES)*HOLY INNOCENTS, THE (LOS SANTOS INOCENTES)*1984color108 minvhs (Directed by Mario Camus, based on the novel by Miguel Delibes; with Alfredo Landa, Francisco Rabal) Set in the mid-1960's on an estate in northern Spain, the film focuses on a family of peasants who must contend with the whims of the landowners. Paco and Regula are a devoted middle-aged couple who hope for advancement for their children: a son who must go into the military, the older daughter who must serve as a maid and a younger daughter who suffers from a mysterious affliction. Then Regula's eccentric brother, Azarias, loses his job and comes to live with them. (In Spanish with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)