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5986PERFUMED NIGHTMARE*PERFUMED NIGHTMARE*1978color91 minvhs (Directed by Kidlat Tahimik) A semi-autobiographical fable by a young Filipino about his awakening to, and reaction against, American Cultural Colonialism. Born in 1942 during the Occupation, Kidlat spent "the next 33 typhoon seasons in a cocoon of American dreams." This, then, is his perfumed nightmare: the lotusland of American technological promise. In his primitive village he worships the heroism of the Machine, the sleek beauty of rockets, the efficiency of industrialism. He's the president of his village's Werner Von Braun fan club. He longs to visit Cape Canaveral, to experience those shimmering images he knows from movies, from soldiers, from The Voice of America. (Restricted to classroom use only)