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5991GREY FOX, THE*GREY FOX, THE*1983color92 minvhs (Directed by Philip Borsos; with Richard Farnsworth) In March 1863 Bill Miner held-up the Arizona Pony Express Service, escaping with $200. He was sixteen. For the next eighteen years he masterminded twenty-six daring stagecoach robberies in Colorado, California and Utah. The Pinkerton Detective Agency credited him with originating the command, "Hands Up!" On June 17, 1901, after 33 years in San Quentin Prison, Bill Miner was released into the 20th century. Times had changed, but in the face of all the changes, neither his good humored patience nor his joy of life abandon him. With the vigor of a sixteen year old, Miner begins a new profession--train robbery. (Restricted to classroom use only)