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6105MAGIC AND ILLUSION OF LIVE THEATER, THE (ROBERT DAHLSTROM)MAGIC AND ILLUSION IN LIVE THEATER, THE (ROBERT DAHLSTROM)1992color28 minvhs (Upon Reflection series) Host Marcia Alvar talks with set, costume and lighting designer, Robert Dahlstrom, Professor of Drama, University of Washington. Professor Dahlstrom, using examples of his work, examines the role of the designer in live theater. He discusses the National Theatre of Norway's international production of The Orestia, with an examination of national acting styles and how they can affect a design. He talks about the differences involved in opera design using his Seattle Opera productions of The Ballad of Baby Doe and Dialogue of the Carmelites as examples. He explains his interest in minimal and abstract design and his wish to do a production of The White Devil.