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6118ARE WE MAKING A GOOD PEACE?*ARE WE MAKING A GOOD PEACE?*1976color52 min16mm (Mighty Continent: A View of Europe in the Twentieth Century series, Part 6) In 1919 the Paris Peace Conference tried to take stock of the catastrophe of the World War and to shape a better world. Four empires had vanished. How can there be compensation for the deaths of millions of soldiers and civilians? How can incalculable material loses be restored? While western Europe's blueprint was being drawn, Russia was locked in civil war and counter-revolution. Leon Trotsky leads the Red Army to victory and the Romanovs are murdered in exile. Versailles would provide President Wilson with the groundwork for the League of Nations. (Deposited by the Puget Sound Educational Service District) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)