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6215HUNTING AND ESCAPINGHUNTING AND ESCAPING1991color47 minvhs (Trials of Life: A Natural History of Behavior series, Part 4) Kill or die, escape or perish--such life and death duels are fought daily in the wild. Every conceivable stratagem is needed by both the hunter and the hunted: traps and baits, warnings and deceptions, brute force and sheer speed, ambush and camouflage. Many animals carry poison for attack and defense, although that mechanism has one serious drawback--unless it is well advertised it is more revenge than protection. The desperate battles between assassins and their victims have fuelled a long evolutionary arms race that has sharpened the skills of both in the art of pursuit and evasion. All confrontations, however, end in one of two ways--the predator goes hungry or the prey loses its life.