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6397BIG STRANGERS: SPENDING A WEEK WITH THE BUSHMEN (JOHN PERROTT)BIG STRANGERS: SPENDING A WEEK WITH THE BUSHMEN (JOHN PERROTT)1993color28 minvhs (Upon Reflection series) Host Marcia Alvar speaks with John Perrott, author of Bush for the Bushman. The book, written after the author spent a week living with a nomadic Bushman tribe in the Kalahari Desert, argues that the desert and the tribe are doomed. Advancing civilization, and the Bantu and their cattle, have encroached into the desert and changed the natural environment. They discuss the primitive lifestyle of these oldest of nomads and how they survive in an exceedingly inhospitable environment. Excerpts from In Search of the Bushmen are shown, as well as photographs from the expedition.