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6440THEATRE OF TADEUSZ KANTOR, THETHEATRE OF TADEUSZ KANTOR, THE1985color144 minvhs Studies the life and work of one of the true geniuses of 20th century theatre, Tadeusz Kantor. French filmmaker, Denis Bablet, traces Kantor's roots as a visual artist in Poland and explores his ingenious methods of designing the props which become living sculptures in his extraordinary theatre productions. Feature rare scenes of Kantor at work with the dedicated actors in his troupe, Teatro Cricot2 di Cracovia. In a unique scene, Kantor is on-stage and "conducts" the actors much as a symphony conductor leads an orchestra. Includes extensive segments, in Polish, of his most famous works, Wielopole, Wielopole and The Dead Class. (English narration and in French with English subtitles)