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6468HAIDA GWAII/THE QUEEN CHARLOTTES: ISLANDS IN THE WEB OF LIFE*HAIDA GWAII/THE QUEEN CHARLOTTES: ISLANDS IN THE WEB OF LIFE*1990color58 minvhs The Haida people, who inhabit British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands, have enjoyed an ideal environment for thousands of years. But today's salmon catches are only 10% of what they were in the 1970's. Timber cutting continues at an unsustainable rate and unless something is done the old growth timber will soon be gone. Tourism seems to be the best bet for developing a sustainable economy with responsible environmental protection. But who will manage it? Should the Haida people have special rights? Provides a microcosm for examining the social and environmental problems faced by so many nations and communities around the world. (Restricted to use within the state of Washington only)