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6470DAY IN THE WARSAW CHETTO, A (A BIRTHDAY TRIP IN HELL)DAY IN THE WARSAW GHETTO, A (A BIRTHDAY TRIP IN HELL)1992color30 minvhs One will never know why Wehrmacht Sergeant Heinz Joest decided to celebrate his 43rd birthday in 1941 by illegally photographing inside the ghetto. Or why he kept the pictures hidden for some forty years until he knew he was dying. But this German soldier's images of the misery, and also the spirit, of its doomed inhabitants form the core of this portrayal of humanity in a nightmare situation. Jack Kuper, the filmmaker, himself a Holocaust survivor, combines Joest's pictures with a multi-voiced dramatic narration taken from hidden ghetto diaries. Yiddish songs, klezmer music, sound effects and skillful camera work heighten the impact.