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6526CHOCOLAT*CHOCOLAT*1988color105 minvhs (Directed by Claire Denis; with Isaach de Bankole, Guilia Boschi, Francois Cluzet, Cecile Ducasse) France Dalens, a young woman, has returned to Cameroon to trace her past. Soon, the rush of sights, sounds and smells sweep her back to her childhood, to a desolate land of harsh, haunting beauty. Then her only friend was Protee, the regal and handsome houseboy, who taught her the riddles of the stark landscape. Her father and beautiful young mother are as remote as the natives young France spends her time with. Stifling isolation and sexual frustration create an undercurrent of tension that threatens to explode as an assortment of Europeans with little past and less future pass through their sun-baked outpost. (Donated by the Department of Anthropology) (In French with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)