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6613JAMES BAY: THE WIND THAT KEEPS ON BLOWING*JAMES BAY: THE WIND THAT KEEPS ON BLOWING*1991color94 minvhs (Nature of Things, The (CBC) Series) Looks at the environmental and social implications of impending hydro-electric development in northern Quebec. Phase II of the James Bay hydro-electric project will affect an area which occupies a third of the Province of Quebec. When it is completed, the flow of all major rivers feeding into James Bay and southern Hudson Bay will be changed or diverted. Inland areas will be flooded, and the long-term social costs of undermining local Cree and Inuit cultures will be very heavy. The northern part of Phase II, the Great Whale project, will alter the total habitat of freshwater seals, and estuaries considered a crucial habitat for the eastern Hudson Bay beluga herd will be cut off. Hydro-Quebec, the promoter and chief researcher in the region, is confident that all impacts will be local or manageable. Also explores some of the damage suffered in the Lagrande region after Phase I, which altered a large part of the central James Bay region in the 1970s and is still adding dams and powerhouses to this day. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)