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6615MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 1: ADVERTISING AND CONSUMERISM*MEDIA & SOCIETY, PART 1: ADVERTISING AND CONSUMERISM*1990color81 minvhs (Produced by the National Film Board of Canada) Explores the way in which the mass media is used to spread the message of consumerism. 1. TV Sale: An examination of the fare served up to television viewers, which speaks volumes about the values inherent in what we see on television.(10 min) 2. The Bronswik Affair: Zooms in on the avid consumerism fostered by advertising. All the techniques of persuasion are trotted out as a sinister conspiracy aimed at hapless television viewers is uncovered.(23 min) 3. Mirror, Mirror: An Advertiser's Scrapbook Traces the social history of Canada from grandmother's day to the present, as reflected first in print and then in television advertising.(29 min) 4a. Have I Ever Lied to You Before? (Excerpt): A 90-second life insurance commercial featuring the birth of a baby.(3 min) 4b. An Unremarkable Birth (Excerpt): An unedited scene of an actual birth, included for purposes of comparison with the above commercial.(5 min) 5. This Is a Recorded Message: A collage of hundreds of cut-out colour ads projected in rapid succession. Raises a myriad of questions about the effect of glossy, manufactured images on our values and sensibilities.(10 min) (Study guide available) (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)