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6623ASIA PACIFIC: OF PILGRIMS AND PROFITEERS*ASIA PACIFIC: OF PILGRIMS AND PROFITEERS*1989color50 minvhs (From the West Coast television series) "Temples of Gold" (14 min), a look at the Japanese economy, and the expansion of Japanese real estate interests and manufacturing in Canada; "The Promised Land" (13 min), explores Taiwan's place in the world economy, and the growth of Taiwanese trade with Canada; "The Young Dragon" (9 min), with South Korea's economic success comes the growing pains of labor disputes and initiation into world markets; "Corridors of Power" (14 min), with the approach of the 1997 switch to Chinese control, many Hong Kong businessmen head to Canada's open arms. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)