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6686MASTERS OF ANIMATION, VOL. 1: USA, CANADA*MASTERS OF ANIMATION, VOL. 1: USA, CANADA*1986color85 minvhs USA: By the 1920s animation was firmly established in the United States. Excerpts from: Steamboat Willy (Walt Disney), Rooty Toot Toot (John Hubley), Voyage to Next (Faith Hubley), Opens Wednesday (Barrie Nelson), The Soldier's Tale (Bob Blechman), The Great Cognito (Will Vinton), Legend of John Henry (Sam Weiss), The 2000 Year Old Man (Leo Salkin). Interviews with Chuck Jones, Barrie Nelson, Sam Weiss, Bill Littlejohn and Leo Salkin. Canada: The National Film Board of Canada is internationally known for its outstanding work in animation. Excerpts from: Hen Hop (Norman McLaren), Blinkity Blank (Norman McLaren), A Chairy Tale (Norman McLaren), Pas de Deux (Norman McLaren), The Street (Caroline Leaf), Every Child (Eugene Fedorenko/Derek Lamb), Hot Stuff (Zlatko Grgic/Don Arioli), Sandcastle (Co Hoedman), The Great Toy Robbery (Geoffrey Hale/Derek Lamb), Paradise (Ishu Patel). Interviews with Normal McLaren, Caroline Leaf and Don Arioli. Canada: The CBC-Radio Canada/Canadian Independent Animators. Animation in Canada has achieved an international reputation for technical excellence and artistic content. Excerpts from Everything for Nothing (Frederic Back), Illusion (Frederic Back), Crac (Frederic Back), 1 2 3 (Graeme Ross), Hiboux (Andre Theroux), George and the Star (Gerry Potterton), History of the World in Three Minutes Flat (Mike Mills), Hooray for Sandbox Land (Mary Newland), Slow Dance World (Ellen Besen), A Hard Day at the Office (Al Senes), Tony de Peltrie (Pierre Lachapelle, Philipe Bergeron, Pierre Robidoux, Daniel Langlois). Interviews with Frederic Back, Graeme Ross, Andre Therous, Gerry Potterton and Daniel Langlois. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)