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6690HOLLYWOOD SALUTES CANADIAN ANIMATION*HOLLYWOOD SALUTES CANADIAN ANIMATION*1983color59 minvhs The animated films in this compilation have all either won or been nominated for an Academy Award. Every Child (6 min), tells the story of a baby who appears mysteriously on the doorstep of a busy executive, and who is subsequently bounced from household to household down the block, (Oscar, 1980); The Sand Castle (13 min), is the story of the Sandman and the creatures he sculpts out of sand, (Oscar, 1978); The House That Jack Built (8 min), is about a fellow who builds his house in the best suburb he can afford and then aches to be somewhere better, (nominee, 1968); Special Delivery (7 min), tells what happens when Ralph neglects to shovel his walk, (Oscar, 1979); Walking (5 min), an artist's observation of the way people walk, (nominee, 1970); The Street (10 min), in which the reactions of a family to a dying grandmother are portrayed, (nominee, 1977); McLaren's classic Neighbours (8 min), about two people who come to blows over the possession of a flower, (Oscar, 1953). (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)