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6693PEYOTE ROAD, THE: ANCIENT RELIGION IN CONTEMPORARY CRISISPEYOTE ROAD, THE: ANCIENT RELIGION IN CONTEMPORARY CRISIS1993color61 minvhs (Winner of documentary awards at The American Indian Film and Video Competition, The National Educational Film and Video Festival and The Chicago International Film Festival) Addresses the United States Supreme Court "Smith" decision, which denied protection of First Amendment religious liberty to the sacramental use of peyote for Indigenous People, one of the oldest tribal religions in the Western Hemisphere. Examining the European tradition of religious intolerance and documenting the centuries old sacramental use of the cactus Peyote, this production explains how the "Smith" decision put religious freedom in jeopardy for all Americans. This program contributed to the successful efforts of The American Indian Religious Freedom Act Coalition, which resulted in the 1994 passage of protective legislation. (Note: Out of respect, no ceremonies were recorded for this production.) (In Spanish and Navajo with English subtitles)