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6725NIGHT ZOO* (UN ZOO, LA NUIT)NIGHT ZOO* (UN ZOO, LA NUIT)1987color115 minvhs (Directed by Jean-Claude Lauzon; with Gilles Maheu, Roger Le Bel, Lorne Brass, Germain Houde) This is the jungle of Montreal's underworld. The human zoo with it's captive wild life. The nights that never end. The city as lonely and untamed as any wilderness. . . and twice as threatening. Marcel is released from prison only to find his father dying, his girl-friend on the skids, and the crooked cops that put him in jail coming back for more. Slowly at first, but then with the desperation of a man gasping for air, Marcel attempts to sever his ties with the underworld once and for all. And begin a tender, sometimes painful reconciliation with his father--the father he never really knew. [R-rated: contains scenes of graphic sex and violence] (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (In French with English subtitles) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)