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6783WATER IS FOR FIGHTING OVERWATER IS FOR FIGHTING OVER1996color27 minvhs (Human Geography: People, Places and Change series, Part 7) Mark Twain's wry comment that "whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over" was never truer than along the parched California-Nevada border. There, various groups with compelling yet competing interests claim the water of the Truckee River Basin. The burgeoning Reno-Sparks area needs water to sustain the community, but high levels in a local reservoir are destroying the cui-cui fish of a local Paiute tribe. Farmers, many of them also Native American, need irrigated water from the Truckee for crops, but the government seeks water further downstream for a wetlands area where bald eagles nest. The conflict illustrates the role that scarce natural resources play in shaping a community.