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6797BROADWAY DANNY ROSE/THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO*BROADWAY DANNY ROSE/THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO*1984b & w85 minlaserdisc (Written and directed by Woody Allen; with Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Nick Apollo Forte) Small-time show biz hustler Danny Rose (Woody Allen) is an agent for the mediocre. His most promising talent is an egotistical balladeer named Lou Canove (Nick Apollo Forte), who enjoyed brief popularity in the '50s. Danny stages a comeback for the washed-up crooner, and Milton Berle agrees to catch the act to consider Lou for a nostalgic TV show. But Lou refuses to perform unless his mistress, tawdry Tina Vitale (Mia Farrow), is in the audience. Since Lou's wife also plans to attend, Danny agrees to bring Tina as his own date. What ensues is a madcap adventure, which includes Danny and Tina's exodus to the flatlands to escape death at the hands of irate Mafiosi. . . . [Letterboxed]
  • 1985 ----- color/b&w ----- 82 min ----- laserdisc
  • (Written and directed by Woody Allen; with Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello, Van Johnson, Alexander H. Cohen) The 13th movie that Woody Allen directed, this comedy has a small, rapt quality; he wrote it for Mia Farrow. The time is 1935; and she is Cecilia, who lives in a small town in New Jersey and can't hold a job for long because her thoughts wander away to the glamorous worlds she sees on the screen at the Jewel Theater. This is the first Woody Allen movie in which a whole batch of actors really interact and spark each other. Jeff Daniels plays a dashing young screen character who bounds down from the black-and-white image and into color, and takes Cecilia out of the theatre with him; he's also the ambitious actor who arrives in town to try to persudade the character to go back up on the screen where he belongs. [Letterboxed] (Funded by the Department of Comparative Literature) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)