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6824CATHERINE THE GREAT: A LUST FOR ART*CATHERINE THE GREAT: A LUST FOR ART*1994color53 minvhs (Hermitage, The: A Russian Odyssey series, Part 1) Once the palace of czars, The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg stands today as a glorious testament to the endurance of the Russian people. With stunning art and dramatic readings from Catherine the Great's diaries, this first program in the series investigates a self-professed "glutton for beauty," who feasted daily on Rembrandts, Rubenses and Brueghels. Like her predecessor, Peter the Great who built St. Petersburg with the best Europe had to offer, Catherine ruled Russia with an insatiable appetite for Western culture. She cunningly purchased massive art collections from Europe's monarchs, then created The Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace (1754-1762) to house her treasures. In less than 40 years, she acquired more masterpieces than the Louvre had amassed in four centuries. From the construction of a dazzling capital city to the shocking palace murder of Czar Peter II, Part One of the series illuminates the world of opulence and intrigue only a czar could comprehend. (Donated by the Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Center) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)