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6830LOVE AFFAIR: OR, THE CASE OF THE MISSING SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR*LOVE AFFAIR: OR, THE CASE OF THE MISSING SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR*1967b & w68 minvhs (Directed by Dusan Makavejev; with Eva Ras, Ruzica Sokic, Slobodan Aligrudic, Midorag Andric, Dr. Aleksandar Kostic and Dr. Jizojin Aleksic) Inspired by a newspaper article about a girl who was thrown down a well by her love, Love Affair is the story of a young switchboard operator who falls in love with Ahmed, a sanitary worker, lives with him, until she allows herself to be seduced by a younger and obviously more glamorous man. One of the key works of Eastern European cinema and a landmark in the filmmaking career of Dusan Makavejev, it is a daring blend of flashbacks and flashforwards, of a sarcastic view of Communist rituals, and a brilliant mix of documentary and fiction. It is one of the most radical investigations of the relationships between sex and politics. And, besides, it's a lot of fun. (Donated by the Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Center) (In Serbian with English subtitles) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)