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6837MY PRAGUE SPRING*MY PRAGUE SPRING*1993color81 minvhs In its recent velvet revolution, the former Czechoslovakia toppled its Communist dictatorship and embraced democracy and capitalism. The Czech and Slovak peoples began an anxious and uncertain future. Several months later David Mrazek, a young American filmmaker, traveled to Prague, Czech Republic, to discover how his cousins were coping with a world turned upside down. He spent four months filming his headstrong relatives the Josefis, among them Vladka, a university student formerly majoring in Marxist economics, now yearning to become an entrepreneur. The result is an intimate portrait of a family living amid radical change in a city often called the most beautiful in the world. It was the first spring of Czech freedom, a season of new beginnings after forty long years of Communist rule. (Donated by the Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Center) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)