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6970PSYCHOLOGY AND EVOLUTION (MARTIN DALY/MARGO WILSON)PSYCHOLOGY AND EVOLUTION (MARTIN DALY/MARGO WILSON)1997color29 minvhs (Upon Reflection series) Host Marcia Alvar speaks with Martin Daly and Margo Wilson. As psychologists and evolutionary biologists, this team of researchers, based at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, has explored questions of why human beings respond to social and environmental circumstances in similar ways, regardless of culture or background. For example, same sex killings are twenty times more prevalent among men than women around the world, and a mother s first statements after a child is born usually include declarations of the child's resemblance to the father (presumably to assure the father that an investment in time, energy and money is on behalf of a person who shares his genes). Recently, they have showed block-by-block correlation between expected life span and the age at which young girls are bearing their first child in poor Chicago neighborhoods.